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Hello families!


Welcome to week 24! What a wonderful week we had last week. Students were back by the end of the week and we had a lovely and low key Valentine's Day in class.  We are all ready for a break, I admit, and I will be changing a few things up so that students have a good chance to reevaluate a few things. To that end, I ask that you visit the Google Form I have created to gather feedback around some changes I am considering for our homework. 

Weekly reminders:

  • Please remember that the kids are going outside for recesses. They need to have warm clothes to stay comfortable. Students need boots and gloves in order to play in the snowy areas. If you are not able to get those right now, please allow the school to help.  

  • If you need to check in on school wide events, please connect to the SCHOOL WEBSITE to help you plan ahead.

We are continuing to read aloud, The Lightning Thief, and the kids are loving it! As we continue our grammar and conventions instruction, we will keep working with non-fiction text to pull out the main idea and supporting information. This goes perfectly along with our current unit, which is heavily science and social studies based. We will spend at least one more week working on the scientific principles around energy, electricity, and natural resources and then move forward into studying where natural resources come from and what they do to create societies around the world, the natural resources here in PA, and what the coal and steel industries have done for our state.

We have been working on fractions and will continue to move through fraction concepts. I know that there is often frustration around what has been called “new math,”so I will record a new lesson for anything you ask for. A few students told me that they used the video I created for a review when they were working at home, and I think that’s outstanding. I wish I could find a better way to upload them so that you didn’t have to become a member of educreations to see them, but it’s what I’ve got for now. 

Students are devouring books in their reading groups. These groups are ones that I do with students who do not receive extra pull-out instruction for reading. I met with the groups last week to discuss the quality and care in the written work which goes with the reading. I will be starting to quiz the students on their books and will be meeting with them more often. 

I hope you have a fantastic week and I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for sharing your children with me every day.

Lizzie Mesick

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