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Classroom Management

Each student in my classroom is held to the same rules and guidelines. While some students may have extraordinary circumstances which allow me to correct things like shouting out more often than other students, we all agree to do our best to remember that fair and equal are not the same thing. Everyone has the opportunity to achieve.

Clip Chart: We have a school wide behavior management system in the clip chart. Please refer to it on the wall by our closet. If students are above green for the day, they receive 1, 2, or 3 classroom dollars as a reward.These classroom dollars can be used for students to purchase items from our treasure chest. The treasure chest includes small toys, homework passes, candy, and other treats. All adults in the building may ask students to “clip up/down” for behavior in any area of our school throughout the day,


Parent Notifications: If a student ends the day on the red section of our chart, that is an indication that, despite multiple cues to redirect and warnings from the teacher, they were not able to make good choices in class. Hopefully this will be a rare occurrence, and hopefully it will not be something out of the blue and we will have communicated regarding the behavior via email first. 

Office Referrals: There are rare instances in which a simple clip down is not acceptable as a consequence for a behavior. This can be cheating, physical aggression, inappropriate displays of affection, inappropriate use of technology, threats, defiance/noncompliance, etc.  Again, these are rare but should be taken quite seriously.

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