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Homework, Documents, and Web Sites


This week's homework grid can be found HERE and the spelling list can be found HERE. 


Need help with division? Head to my educreations account!

Create a new student account. Use class code:


Once you are in, select Class and then, from the drop down menu, Math 2020  

I hope this helps!


Mr. Darling has made an excellent resource for you about how to help your child with math homework


This is a great resource for how to read with your child at home


Helpful Web Sites:


There are so many things out there that your children may be interested in! Here is a list of a few websites that you may find helpful or fun: is an excellent place to see reviews of books and movies for specific content, such as alcohol and other drug use, any language you may find inappropriate, and mature themes. is a fun place to work on skills in the areas of humanities, science, English, math, and languages. It's also great because they donate free rice through the World Food Programme. is a great resource for printable math worksheets to practice basic and advanced facts. is a wonderful resource for reteaching an incredible array of topics. We occasionally use it as a class resource, but it is always a great help to students and parents who need a refresher at home. 


Get 2 Months for $5!